Funny pictures Students must learn to toilet

Students must learn to toilet

With more than 18,000 international students studying in schools, the University ofSwansea in the UK, had to paste the instruction sheet before using the toilet situationtoilets dirty, full of junk.

The major contents are not required to foot and throw toilet paper (tape) toiletindiscriminately. Stephanie Preedy, law students, the school expressed outrage: "We allmust have a high A-level certificates to be admitted to school, back to that school so thatwe do not know how to use the toilet."

Hannah Prosser, 3rd year student said: "At first, most of us think that it is just fun, then we know it completely seriously."

Explanations for the controversial work, school spokesman, said the cultural differenceshave caused this situation. For example, students from Asian countries, where factoriesare familiar with regular squatting or foot stool. Since the instruction is given, the hygiene conditions improved significantly.